What is Health-Hub?

Health-Hub is a unique and innovative type of pharmacy. We allow drug manufacturers to sell pharmaceuticals directly to patients without margin-demanding middle-men. We solve price inflating conflicts of interest by working outside of the entangled contract relationships that have demoted US healthcare. Our prices are fully transparent at the point of care. The results are informed selection of treatment options, lower prices, and full decision-making power for patients. Health-Hub is healthcare as it is supposed to be.

Not just the tip of the iceberg


Cost savings achievable with price comparison, coupon search, drug savings cards are just the tip of the iceberg.

To access the lion share of potential cost savings it's required to solve the causes for opaque and varying retail drug prices:

  • Market inefficiency
  • Margin demanding middle-men
  • Conflicts of interest.

Patient Benefits

Health-Hub provides access to pharmaceuticals at prices that are at co-pay levels or below, no matter what insurance reimbursements you receive and whether or not you have insurance at all. We achieve that by cutting out middle-men and working without contract parties that usually determine which drugs you should buy at which pharmacy and for which price. Health-Hub reinstalls healthy market conditions and gives back patients full decision-making power. Health-Hub is for patients who don't want to be a cash cow.

Save money

Prices on Health-Hub are not artificially inflated as it is usually the case. Drugs are sourced directly from producers who compete over the price.

Price transparency at the point of care

You know what you pay before drugs get prescribed. Our prices are known to you and your doc when deciding on the therapy.

Become a decision- maker again

Choose any medication you and your physician prefer without formulary restrictions and third-party influence.

Delivery or pick-up nearby

No compromises to convenience. You choose how you prefer to get your medication.

No need for rebates, coupons

Instead of inflated prices and artificially created need for coupons, we simply have low prices.

Re-empowered patients

No other industry treats customers so disrespectfully as healthcare. Health-Hub works to break this stigma and puts patients first.

Pharmaceutical Producers' Benefits

Health-Hub can be considered as "Pharmacy as a Service". It's a sales channel which allows drug manufacturers to sell drugs directly to patients who pay privately. This means patients make their purchasing decision solely based on their brand preference and available budget. No third-parties interfere in setting the prices or eligibility of drugs. Patients and physicians have full price transparency when the treatment decision is made.

Freedom to set prices

Health-Hub allows you to set drug prices as desired and with real-time, algo-driven capabilities.

Increased profit and affordability

Less middle-men and no need to pay third-parties for market access allow higher profits at lower retail prices.

Valuable data insights

Health-Hub generates data about drug demand and consumption which can be used for R&D and algo-driven pricing.

Forget about rebates, coupons, kickbacks

Instead, enjoy equal market access and full pricing sovereignty.

Prove your intentions

As undistorted sales channel, Health-Hub lets you prove your true pricing intentions.

Patients as decision-makers

Treat patients like customers instead of cash-cows and in no time, you'll have a consistent and loyal customer base.

Health Plan Sponsors' Benefits

Health-Hub customers care more about costs of healthcare than an average insured patient and often exhibit a healthier lifestyle. With drug affordability known before prescribing, medication adherence is higher. Since they pay for drugs out of pocket, health plans do not necessarily need a drug component and managed formulary. The combination of lower expenses and positive behavioral effect can save health plan sponsors significant amounts of money.

Lower healthcare expenses

Prices on Health-Hub are not artificially inflated by third-parties.

Breaking bad habits

Health-Hub eliminates cost-increasing conflicts of interest from the supply chain.

Higher employee productivity

Employees with healthier life-style are happier and more productive.

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